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Child Support

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::  Child Support Violations

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::  Violation of Support Orders

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::  Consequences of unpaid support

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Custody & Visitation

::  Can I Get Sole Custody?

::  Custody and Divorce

::  Child Custody Modifications

::  Types of Child Visitation Agreements

::  Child Visitation Agreement

::  Domestic Violence

::  Enforcement of Orders

::  Grandparent / Stepparent Rights

::  Interference With Visitation

::  Joint Child Custody

::  Modifying Custody or Support

::  Mothers' Rights

::  Parental Alienation

::  Relocation and Interstate Custody

::  Paternity and Father?s Rights

::  Same-Sex Couples /Custody Rights

::  Unmarried Parent Custody Rights

::  Syracuse Child Custody Attorney

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::  Child Custody FAQs

::  Legal vs physical custody

::  Orders of protection



::  High-Asset Divorce

::  Property Division

::  Syracuse Divorce Lawyer

::  Jefferson Co. Divorce Lawyer

::  Madison Co. Divorce Lawyer

::  Oswego Co. Divorce lawyer

      ::  Military Divorce

Domestic Violence

::  Getting an Order for Protection

::  Order for Protection Defense

::  Restraining Orders


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Onondaga County Divorce Lawyer

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Just because you don't agree does not necessarily mean that you can't agree. Disputes involving your children or your assets naturally cause strong emotions. But there is a solution. It may be possible to come to an agreement with the help of an attorney, or it may be imposed by a court in contested proceedings.

DeRoberts Law Firm provides astute legal advice and aggressive protection of your interests in all aspects of New York family law. We aim for fair and efficient resolutions that keep the peace long term and provide a positive environment for your children. Nevertheless, Onondaga County divorce attorney, Jeffrey DeRoberts, knows that sometimes such a resolution is not in the cards. If the other parent spitefully or stubbornly refuses to negotiate, he can be as aggressive and persuasive as necessary to ensure a fair and reasonable result in court. He is a skilled trial lawyer who is prepared to provide his experience, dedication and personal attention throughout the duration of your case.

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DeRoberts Law Firm practices divorce and family in Syracuse and Central New York, including Auburn, Ithaca, Binghamton, Cortland, DeWitt, the Finger Lakes region, Geneva, Canandaigua, Oswego, Watertown, Rome, Utica and all communities of Onondaga County, and Cayuga, Cortland, Oneida, Oswego, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Herkimer, Seneca, Tompkins, Ontario and Wayne counties, NY.



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